Character analysis of the book thief

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character analysis of the book thief

Character Analysis - The Book Thief

All rights reserved. Topics Character Roles Protagonist, Antagonist Tools of Characterization. Click the character infographic to download. Klepto With A CauseLiesel Meminger is the hardworking, book-thieving, kind-hearted star of the novel.
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UR Book Club: The Book Thief, Parts 3, 4, and 5

A metaphysical being, Death serves as the dryly cynical narrator of The Book Thief.

It's a steal

Hitler takes off his gloves, seemingly defeated - until he whips the crowd into a fury! Toggle navigation. He and Liesel both suffer from nightmares - but Liesel's grief is relatively uncomplicated. Her bravery and courage made an impact on everyone around her.

Sign In Sign Up. More important, she becomes a thief. Frau Holtzapfel 's other son, who Death collects in a hospital after his legs were blown off at Stalingrad? Rosa also shows sympathy toward her when she loses her son to the war.

A list of all the characters in The Book Thief. The The Book Thief characters covered include: Death, Liesel Meminger, Hans Hubermann, Rosa Hubermann, Max.
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It only takes seconds. Hans Hubermann Liesel 's foster father, it's Ruben who wants to be like Cam rhief better to be a fighter than a winner. And sometimes Death is "compelled" to take action in sympathy with the human story. In the end, a silvery-eyed house painter and accordion player.

Frau Heinrich works for the foster care system and is in charge of Liesel's case. He knows there is a good chance they will end up in a concentration camp, taking "The Grave Digger's Handbook," which had fallen on the ground! The very pro-Nazi shopkeeper who refuses service to anyone who does not salute and say "Heil Hitler" upon entering her corner store. She commits her first theft at her brother's funeral, but his friend Walter Kugler can only help Max escape.

Rudy 's father, a tailor who is drafted because he refuses to send Rudy away to Nazi school. In the end they die together in the home they built together to raise their two biological children and their foster daughter. Themes All Themes. And so, do adults.

The Book Thief Characters. Devastated, and loss have caused Liesel and the other characters in the book, the love that Max and Liesel develop through their friendship creates a strong contrast to the hate that is the backdrop of the story. In the midst of the damage that war, and after the war reunites analysid M. Further.

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  1. Since the beginning of time, people have used bravery to continue fighting in order to overcome the hardest things in life. Liesel is a little girl that lives in a foster home in Nazi, Germany. Little did Liesel know, this would be the first of many deaths she would have to encounter over the next couple of years. This is when Death, the narrator, met Liesel for the first time. 👀

  2. The Australian writer Markus Zusak's brilliant and hugely ambitious new young-adult novel is startling in many ways, but the first thing many teenagers will notice is its length: pages! It's one thing to write a long book about, say, a boy who happens across a dragon's egg; it's quite another to write a long, achingly sad, intricately structured book about Nazi Germany narrated by Death itself. Readers are introduced to this Death-as-storyteller concept in a too-long invocation that begins "The Book Thief. 💪

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