Measurement and instrumentation lecture notes pdf

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measurement and instrumentation lecture notes pdf

Notes for Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation - MI by Ranu Singh

Measurement: Measurement of a given quantity is essentially an act or result of comparison between the quantity whose magnitude is unknown and predetermined or predefined standards. Two quantities are compared the result is expressed in numerical values. EE Measurements and Instrumentation 2. Basic requirements for a meaningful measurement: The standard used for comparison purposes must be accurately defined and should be commonly accepted. The apparatus used and the method adopted must be provable verifiable. Significance of Measurement Importance of Measurement is simply and eloquently expressed in the following statement of famous physicist Lord Kelvin: I often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about and can express it in numbers, you know something about it; when you cannot express in it numbers your knowledge is of meager and unsatisfactory kind. In engineering applications measurement systems are used which require need of indirect method for measurement purposes.
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What Is Transducer - Transducers and Sensors - Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement


By contrast, a voltmeter must be connected in parallel. Load more. Your Comments About This Post. Remember me on this computer.

Please enter your comment. Still, a similar problem arises: how do you determine the RMS value of a waveform from it. Hot wire type. The units for the fundamental or base quantities are called fundamental or base units.

State the advantages of Moving iron type instruments Less expensive Can be used for both dc and ac Reasonably accurate. Thank you for visiting my thread. Standards A standard is a physical representation of a unit of measurement? State the use of ac bridges.

Extra study material covering the whole syllabus divided into 10 units will help the students knstrumentation revising the complete course. In potentiometer the unknown emf is measured by comparing it with a std known emf. Instrument is defined as a device for determining the value or magnitude of a quantity or variable. EE Measurements and Instrumentation accommodations.

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Being that there are two standard components to be adjusted a resistor and a capacitor this bridge will take a little more time to balance than the others we've seen so far. Anna University - B. Solid Angle 8 C. Measurement and Data: Volume Grade: 5 Mathematical goals This lesson is intended to help you assess how well students are insrrumentation to model three dimensional figures and find their volume?

The best collection of online notes for success in your board examinations. Capacitors may be used instead of instrumentaiton, though. Environmental Science and Engineering - Question B Statistical evaluation of measurement data Arithmetic Mean The most probable value of measured variable is the arithmetic mean of the number of readings taken.

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  1. This is carried out by clamp-on type ammeters that will be shown later in the chapter. Piezoelectric materials produce a voltage across their length when physically stressed, and will physically deform when an external voltage is applied across their lengths. March 6. Data presentation element.

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