Machine shop operations and setups pdf

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machine shop operations and setups pdf

Download Modern Machine Shop's Guide to Machining Operations PDF Online - video dailymotion

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Lathe Machine Operation

10 Lean Manufacturing Ideas for Machine Shops

Climb milling can be used advantageously on many kinds of work to increase the number of pieces per sharpening and to produce a better finish? We do indexing to divide circular work piece into six equal parts and then all the six parts are milled to an identical flat surface. Additionally, it can support the end of the workpiece using a center and can be adjusted to adapt to different workpiece lengths. An ordinary caliper may be classified as the following: 1.

Machone just clipped your first slide. Centering lathe c. The work is supported by a rectangular strip at one end and by a stop pin at the other side. The cutter used for this operation is cylindrical type or end mill type.

This machine shop realized significant savings after consolidating non-value-added walking time into the work done by just the two water spiders. It is curved portion at the opeations of the tool. Steel rule 2. It is box shaped, heavily ribbed inside and houses all the driving mechanism for the spindle and table feed.

Used for turning tool bits although it is very common in milling cutters and saw blades. The slotter has a vertical ram and a hand xnd power operated rotary table. Wheel lathe b. Turning is used to produce rotational, various di.

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It is connected to the reciprocating mechanism placed inside the column. The cutting edges are side cutting edge and end cutting edge. Used for milling cutters and drill bits. Two accurate guide ways are machined on the top of the column.

Many are of steel alloy tool steel or HSS ; higher-end models are of carbides such as tungsten carbide for greater wear resistance. A tailstock clamp is provided to lock the tailstock at any desired position. A lead screw under the table engages a nut on the saddle to move the table horizontally by hand or power. According to general design, the distinctive types of milling machines are: 1.

In addition to the right mix of traditional strategies, a new lean manufacturing toolkit can make high-mix, low-volume machining faster, more predictable and less expensive. Courtesy of Strategos Lean Manufacturing. Figure 2 : An example of material flows for a part family after implementation of a machining cell. Before, the parts machined followed a spaghetti diagram that sent them to different stations throughout the facility. Lean manufacturing for the machine shop might mean segmenting the product mix into manufacturing cells responsible for different part families. Co-location of all the machines, personnel and support services relevant to a given part family can streamline and simplify material flows.

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  1. It provides vertical and angular feed movement of the tool! Tools or work may fall off and cause the fact of injury. Jachine Explore Search You. Though the lengths of both the forward and return strokes are equal, the ram travels at a faster speed during return stroke.

  2. Each machining operation produces a characteristic part geometry •Performed on a machine tool called a lathe .. one setup with minimal human attention.

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