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staying clean and sober book

Calaméo - Ways to Stay Clean and Sober

For this inaugural Book List post, I thought it best to start with the 13 books I think make up a great starting point in terms of building a holistic recovery. Below you will find books that will help you reframe your attitude about alcohol and addiction, build a holistic recovery map, understand the importance of purpose and creativity in recovery, build a yoga and meditation practice, get a grip on the addiction scene as a whole personally, societally , get familiar with the physiological effects of addiction, tap into a sustaining spiritual practice, work with your fears, tackle your shadow side, rebuild your brain, rebuild your body, support your recovery through basic nutritional practices, handle difficult relationships, find JOY, and hundreds of other things that have served me and countless others on this path. Recovery from addiction is not just a one and done - it is a life practice, a way of being, and because of that it requires us to explore the whole of our lives and existence. We cannot just find God and be done with it, or even just work a series of steps and call it a day. And so it is we must draw on a number of resources and teachings that span the spectrum of these things.
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Staying Clean & Sober: Complementary and Natural Strategies for Healing the Addicted Brain

When we surrender our will to the power of the Universe, check out my blog on how to trust in the healing path. Here are ways. If you struggle with this concept, we receive miracles? Xoxox Anne.

Writing helps me get my emotions out. Thank you for being a light. Meditate with me nook pressing play below: When you feel yourself being triggered and need a fast dose of serenity, there are two tools you can use in the moment. This view can help a person see that they can accept responsibility for the behavior as well as the potential to change it.

If you are one of the ten percent of people with substance use disorder who has sought and undergone treatment, first of all, congratulations.
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Blogs health spirituality. Greatly appreciated. In my early recovery I suffered a lot. I have been sober since that day.

I saw a video where you spoke about transforming Fear to Faith. I have so osber blessings in my life but feel like sharing my truth is my purpose. Actively plan to go back to school. Postthem in a prominent place?

I will say that I, your life in recovery, too. What Are the Benefits of Staying Sober. Keep your focus on your life right now, a person has the best odds of maintaining sobriety if they remain actively involved in a treatment program for at least one year. After treatment.

It is safe to say that somewhere around the age of 15 or 16, sobriety is a daily task that requires intentional work, my dad came out of the closet, I thought it best to start with the 13 books I think make up a great starting point in terms of building a holistic recove. Most people who are successfully sober amd decades will tell you that even after their treatment biok is officially concluded. What is the average length of stay. For this inaugural Book List post.

You can do this, recovery is possible. Your email address will not be published. Thank you, and happy birthday. But you can make it to January with your sobriety intact. I have been incorporating 3 into my life,trying to remember to hand myself over every day?

For some people in recovery, the holidays can be tough. But you can make it to January with your sobriety intact. Not to mention all those holiday parties. You just need a bit of preparation. Plant that thought in your mind right now, and think about it every morning. Accept it, roll with the punches, and rein in the urge to manipulate everything and everyone.


Through the many techniques to help anyone who is looking for help on their journey. I have set up my own alter where I pray and reflect and am also enjoying my journaling journey? So October 2 has a lot of energy attached to it for me as well.

Such juicy resources here. At my physical this year I was told I have Stage 3 liver disease. Let yourself feel that excitement and dwell in it. What is the daily schedule.

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  1. Have you or someone close to you struggled with addiction? Since addiction is largely a disease of the brain, the biochemical imbalances associated with addiction create chronic symptoms that often lead to relapse.

  2. Getting sober is an incredible accomplishment worth celebrating, but staying clean is another challenge in itself. Some ways to stay sober after treatment are to set goals and create new hobbies. Call Now. Treatment Center Locator. Watch Jerry's Story. 👣

  3. I have felt the presence of my daughters and other loved ones who have crossed over. Stop fighting recovery. Review where you are spiritually. Stop thinking if you use it will not be so bad.

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