Between earth and sky book review

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between earth and sky book review

Between Earth and Sky by Amanda Skenandore, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

This book sounds amazing and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for being on the tour! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this tour and discover this amazing novel! Lara, This really does sounds interesting. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful review. I haven't read many any?
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Children of Earth and Sky // Book Review (Spoiler-Free)

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REVIEW of Between Earth and Sky, by Amanda Skenandore

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World-renowned canopy biologist Nalini Nadkarni has climbed trees on four continents with scientists, students, artists, clergymen, musicians, activists, loggers, legislators, and Inuits, gathering diverse perspectives. In Between Earth and Sky, a rich tapestry of personal stories, information, art, and photography, she becomes our captivating guide to the leafy wilderness above our heads. Through her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of trees that illuminates the profound connections we have with them, the dazzling array of goods and services they provide, and the powerful lessons they hold for us. Nadkarni describes trees' intricate root systems, their highly evolved and still not completely understood canopies, their role in commerce and medicine, their existence in city centers and in extreme habitats of mountaintops and deserts, and their important place in folklore and the arts. She explains tree fundamentals and considers the symbolic role they have assumed in culture and religion. In a book that reawakens our sense of wonder at the fascinating world of trees, we ultimately find entry to the entire natural world and rediscover our own place in it.


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