Famous urdu books and their writers

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famous urdu books and their writers

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He was a pioneer of Urdu literature whose novels are today a basic part of the educational curriculum in the Indian sub-continent ie. His father was a teacher in a small town near Bijnore, who taught the boy Persian and Arabic, and in took him to study with Maulvi Abd ul-Khaliq at the Aurangabadi Mosque in Delhi. He began his career as a teacher in Arabic, in he joined the British colonial administration, in he became a deputy inspector of schools in the Department of Public Instruction in Kanpur. And at the end of he was appointed to a similar deputy inspectorship in Allahabad. He was posted as deputy collector in what was then called the North-West Provinces i. In Nazir Ahmad was offered a well-paid administraive position in the princely state of Hyderabad.
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Urdu Writers and their Books Urdu general knowledge 1 by 10

Popular Urdu Books

Mustansir Husain Tarar is also missing from thi list although he is a best seller since last 20 years. After his famouus inQ. Suman leaves her husband and becomes a successful entertainer of gentlemen. He avoided the use of highly Sanskritized Hindi and instead used the dialect of the common people.

On 19th April, and she has become an inspiration for the younger generation of writers, while he was asleep. Saadat Hasan Manto. Its my humble request to you. Her outspoken and controversial style of writing made her the passionate voice for the unhea.


Urdu literature is mostly popular in Pakistan , where Urdu is the national language and India , where it is an official language. It is also widely understood in Afghanistan. Urdu developed in the Delhi region. Urdu literature originated some time around the 14th century in present-day North India among the sophisticated gentry of the courts. The continuing traditions of Islam and patronisations of foreign culture centuries earlier by Muslim rulers, usually of Turkic or Afghan descent, marked their influence on the Urdu language given that both cultural heritages were strongly present throughout Urdu territory.

Mirza Rajab Ali Baig Suroor. Kulliyat e- Ahmad faraz missing. Boos tends to drag on at times and there are some anecdotes in the story that really aren't worth telling. He was survived by his wife Safiyah and three daughters. Premchand brought realism to Hindi literature.

Based on literary, cultural, and historical importance, this list tries to present some of the most remarkable works in Urdu. It is not limited to literature and includes books on history, culture, philosophy and religion. Readers may, of course, disagree and make their own lists. The list is not in order of preference. Bagh-o-bahar: a dastan, written by Mir Amman, is an example of simple yet idiomatic classical prose.


He was also known as saala. Chinese national held for beating traffic police constable in Karachi. Shahab nama 2. As such, the story is over pages.

We need younger generation to text in urdu and write in the same language on face book. The male protagonists in her work have always been white-haired men in black clothes. Hafiz Mehmood Sheerani???. Please tell us why you like it!

People like Theiir Muhammad Hussain played a role in banning and prosecuting the writer as well as the publishers and editors of the magazines that printed his stories. Uttar Pradesh]. He was the father of another literary personality - Akhtar Sheerani. Ali Sardar Jafri.

Ibn-i-safi you just about managed to salvage yourself. Falsafe ke bunyadi masail: basics of philosophy, by Qazi Qaiser-ul-Islam. Her books have been translated into English and other languages. She died in Writters in and was cremated according to her wishes.

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  1. India approves third moon mission months after landing failure. She was Managing Editor of the magazine Imprint, and a member of the editorial staff of the Illustrated Weekly of India Baal-e-Jibreel by Muhammad Iqbal 4. Hafeez Siddiqi.

  2. What are the best Urdu books. Shatranj ke Khiladi The Chess Players revolved around the decadence of nawabi Lucknow, where the obsession with a game consumes the players. And at the end of he was appointed to a similar deputy inspectorship in Allahabad. OMO No they shouldn't be included.🙉

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