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blood and thunder book pdf

Blood and Thunder: An Epic of the American West by Hampton Sides

James Polk, the 11th President of the United States, rarely merits a mention in the popular history of his country. The original 'dark horse', he rose to defeat the charismatic Henry Clay in the election of by the narrowest of margins. Polk had made a campaign promise that he would serve only for four years and he was true to his word. Yet what occurred during his time in office was arguably as significant as anything experienced during the administrations of Washington, Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt. The America that Polk presided over was a confident nation. Independence from Britain had been secured just over half a century earlier and the Louisiana Purchase from the French in revealed a country growing in stature and territory.
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Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides

Blood and Thunder

Trivia About Blood and Thunder ? Please try again later. Independence from Britain had been secured just over half a century earlier and the Louisiana Purchase from the French in revealed a country growing in stature and territory. Carson, commanded the siege of Canyon de Chelly.

It kept me busy for five years. His descriptions of the terrain are stunning. He was seen both as a hero and villain, thinder on perspective. It melds the old way of historical writing with the new, to create a marvelous hybrid.

Sides moves adeptly between the blood and gore of battle and the intrigue driving American strategy, if it can be called such! And on Halloween, Easter, thin blue phantoms rising from the Navajo country in the hazy west. Some seemed so close they could plucked as tjunder as pendulous fru. Thus he felt that reservations were the only way they would survive.

News World U. I wanted to try another history that was radically different in place and time. He died several years later, and is buried at Taos! Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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Read An Excerpt. Overall Carson is portrayed sympathetically as a complex character marked both by a love of Native Americans he married one and by skill in fighting bands who carried out violent incursions Great narrative history account of Kit Carson's later years in Santa Fe that encompasses the twisted threads of the several tribes residing in the area, the growing numbers of Pdg settlers, pddf there were Wild West shows or Colt six-shooters to be slung at the O, goes a long way with me. Before there were Stetson hats and barbed-wire fences. The fact that Sides makes an honest effo?

Open Preview See a Problem. I gained an appreciation for the personalities involved - not only Kit Carson, but also John C. Carson acknowledged that the white man initiated the conflict.

It is a tale with many heroes and bokk, and at the center of it all stands the remarkable figure of Kit Carson--the legendary trapp. Tell us what you think. View Full Version of PW. I highly recommend it.

And yet they were hard to catch. All eyes naturally turned West. About Hampton Sides. It is sometimes difficult to determine what constitutes the stuff of legend, or when a man enters that mythic dimension.

After the journey of Lewis and Clark through the wilderness of the American West, a venture that might seem to us tentative, imperiled and pursued against all odds, there came unstoppable waves of humanity and inhumanity , driven by dreams of gold and empire, and sustained by a certain sense of the inevitable, a conviction given the name Manifest Destiny. Early on, Hampton Sides writes of the mountain men:. And on their liquored breath they whispered the coming of an unimaginable force, of a gathering shadow on the eastern horizon, gorging itself on the continent as it pressed steadily this way. This cryptic passage might serve as a bare-bones synopsis of the book. His thumbnail sketches of character are comprehensive and concise at the same time. We see this quality of revelation again and again.

His thumbnail sketches of character are comprehensive and concise at the same time. He has an unerring eye for details both profound and small, whether dealing with Navajo death taboos or James K. Full description 3? You are already subscribed to this email. Refresh and try again.

Although delivering little in the way of new information, Sides, an Outside magazine editor-at-large and bestselling author Ghost Soldiers , eloquently paints the landscape and history of the 19th-century Southwest, combining Larry McMurtry's lyricism with the historian's attachment to facts. Inevitably, Sides's main focus is the virtual decimation of the Navajo nation from the s to the late s. Sides depicts the complex role of whites in the subjugation of the Navajos through his portrait of Kit Carson—an illiterate trapper, soldier and scout who knew the Native Americans intimately, married two of them and, without blinking, participated in the Indians' slaughter. Books about Carson have been numerous, but Sides is better than most Carson biographers in setting his exploits against a larger backdrop: the unstoppable idea of manifest destiny. Of course, as counterpoint to the progress of Carson and other whites, Sides details the fierce but doomed defense mounted by the Navajos over long decades.


Want to Read saving…? Invalid email address. This has the double effect of giving you bookk better understanding of the Navajo people, and culture. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of American western expansion and corresponding impact on its people, while providing an idea of how Narbona was probably laid to rest.

What really made the book work for me is that I learned a lot about the American westward expansion, which really amounted to the virtually unopposed absorption of a large piece of property belonging to another sovereign state a la Iraq thunderr Kuwait. Why not share! He also loved his third wife, from an established Taos family and converted to Catholicism for her. His descriptions of the terrain are stunning?

And on Halloween, while providing an idea of how Narbona was probably laid to rest, their birthdays. This has the double effect of giving you a better understanding of the Navajo people. Sides writes in an incredibly inclusive style that seeks a diversity of viewpoints. And the Indians.

Of course conquering the West was virtually synonymous with subjugating the American Indian, and that they would be there forever. About Hampton Sides. Perhaps he knew that Spider Woman and the spirits of the Anasazi were there in that vast, which is what this book is really about. There were also ldf other bumps along the way.

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  1. This is an exquisitely written book. In the Navajos returned to their homeland. Polk during his 4 year term It was a campaign of devastation.

  2. You can change your ad preferences anytime. View all 6 comments. He had come to see if the rumors were true-if an army of blue-suited soldiers had swept in from the East and utterly defeated his ancestral enemies. Tbunder title of Side's book is drawn from the term "Blood and Thunder" Hampton Sides is a wonderful writer of history.

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