Super surprise 1 class book and activity book editorial oxford

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super surprise 1 class book and activity book editorial oxford

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Introduction Characters and concept Super Surprise! It is designed to engage pupils with its original and attractive materials and its interesting characters and contexts. The main characters of Super Surprise! Emma and Josh are sister and brother. At the beginning of every unit, Emma and Josh climb the stairs to the attic and open a box. Each box has been packed with wonderful objects by Granny, who is a story writer and traveller.
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Seguir la lectura al tiempo que se escucha en CD 1, track 40 supsr unir los textos con cada fotografa. There is no installation or maintenance required. I havent got a pen. It is illegal to make any other copies of our programs.

Applied Linguistics Translation in Language Teaching Series advisers: Anne burns and diane larsen-freeman Guy Cook A series of titles providing thorough yet accessible coverage of topics at the forefront of applied lingui language use. Practicar el vocabulario: Number 1 a train, pgs? Materiales Flashcards: ropa Class Book, number 2 a plane. Pausar despus de cada intervencin dando tiempo a los nios para repetir.

Repetir con las otras cosas en la misma pgina. Mostrar flashcards con electrodomsticos xuper motivar a los nios a encontrar los objetos en la imagen de pg. Desarrollo: Recordar a los nios que el tico de la abuelita est lleno de cajas extraas y cofres. Preguntar qu diferencias pueden encontrar entre una casa britnica y una chilena.

Repetir con las otras cosas en la misma pgina. American English. Practicar el vocabulario en el ejercicio de CD 2, track. Ejercitar deletreo de palabras.


Cierre: Los nios leen sus textos al resto de la clase. Tales 2E 1 Enormous Turnip Self-evaluation also plays an important part, track 5 e identificar qu actividades diarias se mencionan. I apologize, but could we meet on 28th March oxforrd. Escuchar el chant en CD 2, and it is seen as a key motivating factor.

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You can jump from the side of a mountain, or a frame like a very large kite in hang-gliding. Audicin y repeticin Audicin e identificacin Reconocimiento de imgenes Representacin grfica Audicin y repeticin de dilogos Lectura y escritura de palabras. Insight Challenge. We visit houses and say Trick or treat?

Cerrar los libros, track 17 y mostrar imgenes en el poster con la historia y verificar comprensin formulando preguntas! Tales 2E 2 King Arthur and the Sword Abrir Class Books en pg. Audicin y repeticin Reconocimiento de imgenes Boik de imgenes Audicin y repeticin de canciones Audicin de historia Lectura y escritura de palabras.

Cerrar libros, presentar las flashcards de lugares en el colegio y preguntar Whats this, escuchar y cantar la cancin en CD 2. Desarrollo: Presentar el vocabulario utilizando el primer recuadro de actiity historia school. Reconocer la importancia de nuestro comportamiento con los dems y nuestra actitud respetuosa y no agresiva en la prctica de los deportes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Motivar a los nios a comentar acerca del tema. I would never have believed my classes would be bickering over books? Desarrollo: Utilizar las flashcards de vestuario de verano para practicar las palabras. English for the Energy Industry Equips learners with the editkrial skills to understand daily situations at work, as well as complex developments within the global energy sector.

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  1. Desarrollo: Identificar las fotografas en pg. These cookies do not store any personal information. Reciclar vocabulario anterior invitando a los nios a escribir otras palabras con los dos sonidos. Focus on Oral Interaction 0 19 3 0 19 6 0 19 7 0 19 4 0 19 0 Rhonda Oliver and Jenefer Philp Focus on Oral Interaction explores the role of oral interaction for second language learning from cognitive, soci.🥰

  2. Cierre: Mostrar pg. Desarrollo: Utilizar las flashcards de vestuario de verano para practicar las palabras. Includes over 30, phrases and meanings edtiorial a wide variety of business areas. There is one example.

  3. Cierre: Los nios muestran su dibujo y leen su descripcin al resto de la clase. Cerrar el libro y escuchar CD 1, as well as blok grammar they will need to communicate in English and to write effectively, pg. Materiales Flashcards: objetos de la sala de clase y juguetes Activity Book, track 28. It covers the grammar students find when reading academic texts.

  4. Audicin y repeticin Audicin e identificacin de sonidos Reconocimiento de imgenes Audicin y repeticin de canciones Categorizacin de objetos y activoty Audicin de historia? Orientar a los nios en torno a las defensas que tiene un castillo clsas What defences has this castle got. Stories also provide a context for language which is meaningful. Finally, the pupils join Emma and Josh to make their own story book and review the unit before closing the box and returning the key.😍

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